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Hen Zemi

Episodes: 13Status: Completed

Alternate Titles: Hentai Seiri Seminar, Hen Semi, Abnormal Physiology Seminar, Japanese: 変ゼミ

Matsutaka Nanako is a normal university student, who happened to enroll in an Abnormal Physiology seminar. She tries to keep her mental state sound, but other abnormal classmates start to influence her personality...

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  • Hen Zemi 13Observations on Impartial Advocates Harbouring 'Love'SUBBED
  • Hen Zemi 12Observations on Coping With a Particular Expression of Love From SomeoneSUBBED
  • Hen Zemi 11Observations on the Psychological and Physical Effects of Suppressed DesiresSUBBED
  • Hen Zemi 10Observations on the Psycholocigal Effects of Indirect InteractionsSUBBED
  • Hen Zemi 9Observations on the Results of Subjective Self-Inspection and Self-ReleaseSUBBED
  • Hen Zemi 8Observations on the Effects of Childhood Experiences on Personality Traits and the Feeling of Self-DevelopmentSUBBED
  • Hen Zemi 7Observations on the Relationship of Dependence and Trust in Specific Human RelationsSUBBED
  • Hen Zemi 6Observations on Impulsive and Threatening Actions in Extreme SituationsSUBBED
  • Hen Zemi 5Observations on the Effects of Family Functions on the Development of PersonalitySUBBED
  • Hen Zemi 4Observations on the Difference of Happiness of Those Serving the Group and Those Receiving That ServiceSUBBED
  • Hen Zemi 3Observations on the Concept of Virtue Based on Social ComparisonSUBBED
  • Hen Zemi 2Observing Pleasure Caused By Food and One's TastesSUBBED
  • Hen Zemi 1Study of Wordly Events as Seen by the Advocates of UniversalismSUBBED